2019 Summer Institute
and National Competition


The state of North Carolina is known for being FIRST IN FLIGHT since the Wright Brothers piloted the first powered airplane in 1903 at Kitty Hawk, NC. With the idea of “taking flight”, the host committee plans to “propel” the harpist and the teacher forward with advanced ideas, creative concepts, and greater knowledge of our craft. Through masterclasses, workshops, concerts, and a composition contest, the Institute will highlight past and present innovators of the harp to inspire future innovation. Concerts will feature repertoire performed by professional and accomplished student harpists, as well as potentially headline acclaimed North Carolina-based composers, such as Dan Locklair, Terry Mizesko, and Stephen Jaffe.

Proposals are being accepted through April 30, 2018 for workshops, performances and scholarly lectures at the 2019 National Conference. Please visit http://harpsociety.org/ConferenceInstitute/CallForProposals.asp for more information and to submit your proposal.

National Competition information will be posted as available on the AHS website.



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