Volunteer at the 2019 Institute. Your harp community needs YOU! Read the job descriptions and sign up below.



Each AHS Summer Institute & National Competition attendee must register upon arrival to receive their name tag, lanyard, program book, and conference tote bag. Be the first smiling face they see! Many attendees will come to the registration table during the week with questions about how to navigate the campus to find the cafeteria, concert halls, practice rooms, and other places of interest. On Saturday June 22nd volunteers at the registration table will assist with check out procedures. Support all of the valued artists who have donated their time to the AHS to present and perform! Each artist will be allowed to sell their merchandise and we need your help to manage these sales by processing and tracking each transaction, and returning unsold inventory to the artists before they leave Winston-Salem. Transactions will be managed by stripe on an app downloaded directly to the volunteer’s phone. We will prep all volunteers with needed information beforehand.


The day before the competition starts, we need your help to stuff institute bags and place signage & linen packets in the campus apartment housing. Help prepare the beautiful campus of UNCSA to receive harpists and harp lovers from across the globe. During the week your assistance at the evening receptions will be very helpful and at the end of the week following the closing barbeque lunch we will need your help to do a sweep of the campus, collecting remaining equipment, lost or forgotten items in the meeting/performance spaces, and collecting the linens from the campus apartments.

SESSION HOST (concerts, masterclasses, seminars)

Each Institute event needs a session host. Duties may include making sure the room is unlocked, all needed items are in place (harp, music stand, powerpoint projector), timing a masterclass, giving flowers to each performer after the concerts, and above all making sure the presenter has everything that they need for success.


Welcome guests to one of the 12 concerts presented. Ushers will pass out programs, check for name badges, and allow late-comers to enter between pieces. You will also be responsible for managing the lights when the concert begins, at intermission, and at the close of the concert. Two ushers will be assigned per concert, and training will be provided.

RUNNER (errands)

We cannot predict what these errands might be, from grabbing a quick meal for a presenter, to running to Walmart for a power cord. If an item needs to be purchased the bill is on the AHS. We just need people we can count on to help complete needed tasks when they arrive.


The harp pen is a secure location where the harps, personal and on loan to the AHS, for competitors, presenters, and performers are securely stored. Harps are checked in and out from this location. Anna Vorhes is the Harp Pen Coordinator and she will need volunteers to staff the Pen and be familiar with the schedule of instrument moves.


As harpists, and harp lovers, you have no doubt moved a harp a time or two before. We need your expertise in transporting these valuable instruments on campus. We have a limited number of harps available for use and we need your help locating them across campus for rehearsals, concerts, and workshops. Harp carts will be available, and a harp vehicle most likely is not needed.


The AHS Summer Institute & National Competition depends on the gracious support from the local harp community to secure quality instruments for their competition and all Institute activities. If you have a performance quality Lyon & Healy or Salvi harp to loan to the Institute, and it is selected by a concert performer, it will be regulated by a L&H technician onsite and secured in the harp pen when not in use. Owner insurance and a signed release is required.

Please contact Volunteer Chair Leigh Stringfellow (leigh.stringfellow@gmail.com ) for any questions you may have.

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